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Pandev celebrates the goal of North Macedonia in Germany

At the age of 37, Goran Pandev continues to shine and glory for his country, leading North Macedonia to victory over Germany in an iconic match at the end of Joachim Low’s era with the machines.

North Macedonia defeated Germany 2-1 at the “MSV Arena” in Germany, in the third round matches of Group 10 of the European World Cup 2022 qualifiers in Qatar.

Goran Pandev and Iliv Elmas scored a goal for Macedonia, while Ilkay Gondodjan scored Germany’s only goal.

The victory raised North Macedonia to sixth point in second place in the group behind Armenia, which is at the top with nine points, while Germany stuck at 6 points in third place.


Joachim Loew started with Andre ter Stegen in goalkeeping, while Kai Havertz and Serge Gnabry led the machines attack.

On the other hand, Goran Pandev, the legend of Macedonia, led the attack, and behind him was Elf Elmaz, the star of Naples.

Description of the match

Germany almost took the lead in the ninth minute. Havertz penetrated nicely, then passed to Leon Goretzka who met her with one touch, but she bounced off the bar.

The owners of the land created the risk again in the 27th minute through Sergei Gnabry alone, but Dmitrievsky shone and gained his goal.

North Macedonias first dangerous chances were in the 40th minute with a great header for Adimi, but Ter Stegen shone and turned it into a corner.

In lost time, Pandev was on a date with scoring the first historic goal. A ball cut from Emre Chan in the middle of the field, passed by Aliowski to Bradhi, who in turn sent a cross, Pandev met it with a touch in the goal, to end the first half with the visitors leading with a goal.

Second half

Joachim Low intervened in the second half to save the situation. Timo Fernie participated in the 56th minute instead of Kai Havertz, and Amin Younes participated in the place of Robin Gossens.

On the other hand, Macedonia responded by entering Egzon Betwali instead of Boban Nikolov in the 59th minute.

Germany won a penalty kick in the 62nd minute. Ilkai Gondodjan scored it in the goal, to equalize for his country.

Macedonia made a new substitution in the 72nd minute, by entering Stefan Spirovsky instead of Alexander Travosky.

Germany almost took the lead in the 73rd minute after a start from Ginter, then a cross to Joshua Kimmich, who met her with a touch, pushed away by the defense before it landed in the net.

Another huge opportunity for Germany missed in the 80th minute after a pass from Kimmich to Gundogan, and Ilkai was alone in the goal, but he chose the pass to Timo Werner, to return the defense and cut it.

A deadly target

In the light of the German attack, the deadly Macedonian goal came in the 85th minute by Elif Elmaz after a group of wonderful passes, ending with a cross from Ariane Adimi, which Elmas met with a touch in the net of Ter Stegen.

Love intervened again in the 89th minute by entering Jamal Muslaya instead of Matthias Ginter. Macedonia responded by entering Kerry Rystevsky in place of Izcan Aliowski.

Pandev also came out in the 91st minute after the heroic performance, and Flatko Stoyanovsky participated in his place, to end the meeting with Macedonias first historic victory over Germany with two goals to one.

Iceland and Liechtenstein

In another match at the same time, Iceland beat Liechtenstein 4-1.

Armenia and Romania

Before that, Armenia had defeated Romania by three goals to two in an epic that brought them together before this meeting on the soil of Armenia and in the presence of its fans.

Armenia took the lead in the 56th minute through Edward Spertsyan after a start, then a shot hit the defender’s head and covered the goalkeeper.

Romania tied in the 62nd minute through Alexandru Cicaldo, before realizing the progress in the 72nd minute through the same player.

The referee was the most famous red card in the face of George Puskas, the Romanian player, in the 78th minute.

Armenia equalized in the 86th minute through Varazdit Horayen from a cross, which he met with a wonderful touch in the net.

The uprising of the owners of the land continued in the 89th minute with a penalty kick, which Tigran Brasigain scored in the goal, to end the match with Armenias victory by 3 goals to 2 goals.

Match results put Armenia at the top of the group with 9 points and the full score, while North Macedonia comes second with 6 points.

Germany is third on goal difference from Armenia, while Romania comes fourth with three points, Iceland fifth with the same score, then Liechtenstein in last place with no points balance.

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