Fixed monthly return from Banque Misr certificate worth 1200 EGP .. Know the details


Banque Misr has provided a number of services as retail banking and for customers in the authority of fixed-return savings certificates available in the local currency and for a period of five years and thus commensurate with their needs in terms of time and value, and the bank allows them to be purchased from any of its branches located in all governorates.

Advantages of the Fixed Return Savings Certificate from Banque Misr:

  • The certificate is issued to natural persons only.
  • The term of certification is up to five years.
  • A fixed rate of return throughout the period of the certificate, paid monthly or annually.
  • The value of the certificate or part of it can be recovered according to the certificate’s redemption rules.
  • The minimum purchase amount for the certificate is 1,200 pounds, its multiples for the certificate with a monthly return, and 1000 pounds and its multiples for the certificate with an annual return.

Savings certificates from Banque Misr:

The higher certificate has a monthly return of 3 years, the monthly return is 11%, and the category of 1000 pounds, while the triple certificate of variable return, which extends for a period of 3 years, in the category of 500 and its multiples, is not renewed.

The seven savings certificates include the triple certificate with a variable return, which is a renewable certificate with an 8.50% return every 3 months, and its denominations are 1000 pounds and its multiples, and it differs from the fixed monthly return certificates, such as the last 5-year and renewable certificate.

Banque Misr certificates include fixed annual return certificates for a period of 5 years, which are renewable certificates with a yield of 9.50% at a denomination of 1000 pounds, which are less in duration and return than fixed monthly return certificates, with a duration of 7 years, renewable, and their return is 9.75% per month, and the certificate categories are 750 pounds and their multiples.


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