Foods that help you gain weight in a healthy way … “If you are thin”


weight loss It is disturbing for many who suffer from excessive thinness and seek to gain weight. Although obesity worries many who suffer from overweight, there are also those who dream of eliminating Excessive thinnessAnd they follow several tricks to gain kilograms.

How to gain more weight in a healthy way
How to gain more weight in a healthy way

According to a report published on the Insider website, weight gain must be done in a healthy way and in a manner aimed at building muscle and gaining fats beneficial to health, given that weight loss may result in many problems such as a weak immune system or osteoporosis..

Many different factors can contribute to being underweight, such as genetics, taking certain medications, not eating enough, or recovering from a serious illness.

There are some steps that give you more weight in a healthy way:

1. Eat more calories.

You must eat more calories than you burn on average, as thin patients need 3,550 additional calories to safely increase their body weight, and if you want more than that, eat an additional 500 calories a day.

2. Eat high-calorie fruits and vegetables:

Whether you are trying to gain or lose weight or maintain it, eating a good diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains is the key to getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, but some fruits and vegetables may contribute to your weight gain, such as:

1. Dates

2 raisins

3. black beans

4. Banana

5. Eat foods rich in energy

3. Eat foods rich in energy:

These include avocados, nuts, like almonds, and olive oil, and dried fruits like apricots.

4. Drink drinks full of protein and calories:

These include a smoothie with peanut butter, chia seeds, fruit, yogurt, whole milk, fruit juice that has more calories than whole fruit, and unsweetened protein powder that can be added to drinks, oatmeal or yogurt.

5. Add various sauces and condiments to your meals:

Adding sauces to your meals can help increase your calorie consumption, which includes some condiments such as chili peppers with grated cheese, spreading peanut butter or almond butter on toast or pancakes, or preparing toasted vegetables with olive oil.

6. Increase protein intake

Muscle is made of protein, so eating more protein during strength training ensures that those calories target muscle building and not fat, which includes salmon …..

7. Try to avoid some strenuous exercise:

Which includes intense cardio exercise, such as running, as it may burn the extra calories you eat and prevent weight gain. Instead, choose low-impact aerobic exercises like walking..


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