“For 8 hours, they take the penknife out of his head” … Details of the attack on a young Ba


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Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Mahmoud Al-Shorbagy:

The Al-Zawiya Al-Hamra region witnessed a heinous crime during which a group of children – between the ages of 14 and 16 – assaulted a young man due to neighborhood disputes between the victim and the father of one of the children.

The victim is called “Islam Nabil,” 31 years old, a specialist in cameras and internet systems in one of the Fifth Settlement Clubs, he is married and is expecting his first child after 3 months.

After the victim “Islam” finished his educational stage, he moved to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and remained abroad for nearly 8 years. Two years ago, he decided to return to Egypt and settle here, until last year he married an old rental apartment that he inherited from his father in the Al-Zawiya Al-Hamra area – according to “PBUH”. O “The victim’s friend.

As soon as “Islam” got married to his father’s apartment, a number of his neighbors tried to make up some problems with him, trying to get him out of the house and get the apartment, but he ignored those attempts, “he did not have a residence other than this and was forced to bear his neighbors”, – adds his friend-.

One of the neighbors who lives on the top floor of “Islam” apartment raises a pigeon on his balcony, which causes some problems to the victim “along the washing of Islam’s apartment, he will be humbled because of the bathroom”, so that the victim tried repeatedly with his neighbor to stop raising the pigeons with this The image, but without a response from him.

Last week, the victim contacted a carpenter to make a “tand” on his balcony. Indeed, the carpenter came to his apartment to take the measurements, and when he finished manufacturing it, he came to install it last Sunday night, but his neighbor and his son – 15 years old – refused to install it threatening him with death if it was installed “if I got on the balcony and we will kill you – according to the victim’s friend.

A verbal altercation erupted between the two parties, after which a number of neighbors intervened to try to calm the situation, and in fact they agreed not to install the tandeh, provided that the bathroom was removed from the bouquet from the upper floor, and after the situation calmed down, his neighbor’s wife and her son went out and tried to light the screws again, but the neighbors intervened again and it was over.

The 15-year-old did not stop threatening “Islam” until he decided to seek the help of a number of his friends to take revenge on him, and around 7 pm on Sunday, some of the boy’s friends came with their white and folding weapons to engage the “victim.”

Two of the children were alone with “Islam” and in possession of some white weapons, and one of them took advantage of the “victim “’s clash with his friend and directed a direct blow with a knife that he had in the face of” Islam “until it was pelted with the bone of the skull.

Everyone watched the clashes without interfering for fear of injury from any weapon that was in the possession of the children, and as soon as Islam sank in his blood the perpetrators tried to flee the area, but one of the police secretaries happened to pass at the scene of the crime and managed to arrest one of the two children and hand him over to the security forces, while he succeeded The other is on the run, says the victim’s friend.

We tried to rescue “Islam” and transferred him directly to Al Demerdash Hospital to remove the penknife from his face. As soon as we got to the hospital, the victim underwent a surgical operation that lasted about 8 hours to try to remove the knife from his head, and currently he needs another operation, “skull bone grafting.”

A few hours after committing the crime, the security forces came to the scene of the accident, and moved to the apartment of the victim’s neighbor to try to arrest him and his child, but they had left the house immediately for fear of being imprisoned – according to eyewitnesses.

The victim’s friend demanded that the perpetrators and instigators be arrested and brought to a speedy trial to prevent the recurrence of these facts and the occurrence of new victims of the bullying.

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