For men .. 5 tips you should follow if you feel ED: treat the disease, not the symptom


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Part of the National Men's Health Campaign Launch Conference

Dr. Ahmed Salem, president of the Egyptian Andrology Society, and professor of andrology medicine and surgery, in Kasr Al-Aini medicine, gave a number of advice to men in case they feel they have impotence, in special statements to “them”, on the sidelines of his participation in the “national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of medicines.” Adulterated, and smuggled, and its impact on men’s health ».

Salem said, that a man must know the cause of the sexual problem, which he faces first before taking treatment, as there are many regular diseases that can intersect with sexual problems in men, and then secondly, he must go to the specialist doctor, which is an andrologist.

He added that the third of these advice is to follow the doctor’s words, because there are a number of diseases that cause sexual problems, including the heart, kidneys, diabetes, and other diseases.

As for the fourth advice given by the President of the Egyptian Society of Andrology, it is the necessity of treating the disease and not the symptom, because impotence is often a symptom of another disease, and after treating the disease, the problem of impotence ends, and its treatment is based on it.

Fifthly and finally, the wife must be educated about sexual diseases and what a man can be exposed to throughout his life, as sexual strength is one of the variables, so the wife must be familiar with it so that no more psychological pressure occurs on the husband, and thus leads to a sexual problem.

It is noteworthy that the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions, in cooperation with the Egyptian Andrology Association, and Eva Pharma, this morning, Tuesday, launched a “national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeit and smuggled medicines, and their impact on men’s health.”

The campaign is being held within the framework of ensuring the awareness of the members of the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions, who number more than 5 million workers in various factories and companies, through a group of professors and andrology experts in a number of Egyptian universities who are members of the Egyptian Association.


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