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Dr. Mabrouk Attia has finished filming the episodes of his new program, which is supposed to be shown in the coming month of Ramadan.

The new program is the first experience for Mabrouk Attia, in which he presents a program on the presenter’s chair with hosting stars and public figures, and among the most prominent guests of his program are Wafa Amer, Shaima Saif, Entissar and Badria Tolba, festivals singers Hassan Shakoush, Omar Kamal, Muhammad Tharwat, Islam Ibrahim and a large number of public figures and celebrities.

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The program belongs to the type of social talk shows completely different from similar programs.

The program is produced by “Viginers / Dubai” and “Utah Media Productions / Egypt”. For his part, producer Abdul Rahman Al Zayani of the UAE Visionaries Company and Shorouk Al Attar, the executive producer and CEO of Utah Media Productions, confirmed that the program contains huge surprises and will be presented during the month of Ramadan Next .. It will be announced later on the name of the program and the details of its various paragraphs, as well as the work team based on it, matters that include pleasant surprises for the public.

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