For the first time .. Kazem El Saher, “Number One”, on Facebook – Think and Art – Stars and Celebrities


The great Iraqi star, Kazem El-Saher, grabbed the title “Number One” (number one) from the Egyptian Muhammad Ramadan after reaching first place in the Arab world in the social networking application “Facebook” for the first time.

And put “Facebook” a note that appears when searching for the page of the Iraqi Arab star, Kazem El-Saher, in which he wrote the phrase (The No.

And “Facebook” put this notice after the number of followers of the Iraqi star with a distinctive voice reached more than 12 million followers in the Arab world, according to Russia Today, so that the Iraqi star had snatched the title (Number One) from the Egyptian artist Muhammad Ramadan.

Kazem El-Saher is famous for his distinctive singing approach, especially when performing songs in the Iraqi dialect, or by performing some songs in classical Arabic, such as “I and Layla” and “Zidni Love” and many others.



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