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Mohy Ismail returns to stir up controversy again by embarrassing a reporter, this time on the sidelines of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema.

During his meeting with a group of reporters on the sidelines of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema, Ismail received a question from a reporter about his behavior, which some describe as crazy, to interrupt him quickly. Crazy but crazy rational in their art.

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During the meeting, Mohi Ismail said that he accepts criticism and learns from it if he finds someone who knows it, but whoever finds it is not qualified for that does not take his criticism seriously.

Ismail indicated that he rejects all the works presented to him, including drama and theater, because he only wants to focus on cinema.

Ismail confirmed that the movie “Gaddafi” will be released soon after being produced by a global company, and it will be co-starring American actor George Clooney and another famous actress.

This was not the first time that Ismail embarrassed a reporter, but the incident was repeated two years ago on the sidelines of the Alexandria Film Festival during his meeting with Ahmed Ashour, correspondent of the “Al-Fan” entertainment channel that broadcasts on YouTube.

The artist appeared in a hurry to speak as usual, but the reporter tried to stop him with questions, so he responded to his opinion about the festival: “I am the first time to attend this festival … and I am a member of the international film jury … What is the next ?!”

And as soon as the reporter started talking about the movie “The Passage”, he interrupted him by saying: “I don’t see you … I saw the bullet is still in my pocket, and I worked as a Jew, and I was a genius .. Thank you.” His answer: “After the enemy brothers, President Sadat honored me because I thought that I had epilepsy, and I told him I don’t give me an apartment and take it.”

Mohi Ismail received a plaque of honor at the opening ceremony of the Luxor Film Festival and during his honor, pardoned the martyrs of the unfortunate Sohag train accident, then thanked the festival management.

It is noteworthy that the guests of the Luxor African Film Festival observed a minute of silence for the victims of a train collision in Sohag Governorate.

Mahmoud Hamida, head of honor of the festival, said that the festival management extends its sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the tragic accident, then Hamida thanked the festival management despite the hardship of attending such days, and also thanked the people of Luxor for the hospitality.

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