For this reason, the audience launches an attack on Moez Masoud after appearing with Hala Shiha


The public launched a sharp attack on the producer and preacher Moez Masoud, on his personal and official account on the social networking site Instagram, after he published a new picture of him accompanied by his wife, the artist Hala Shiha Accompanied by their children.

But in that picture, Hala Shiha did not wear the veil, and Moez Masoud commented on that picture and said with the dear ones, our Lord blesses us and you in all of our children, while Moez received a major attack because of his wife not wearing the veil.

One of them said, After she was graduating with her full veil and niqab, and after she was hiding away from the eyes of the people now, as it is, I belong to God and to him we shall return.

While some defended his position, one of the followers commented and said: You are upset with him. Why, Glory be to God, the man is married to the Sunnah of God and His Messenger, and the people are all aware of taking off their veil.

Another person commented and said, “Pray for them instead of what you criticize. Try to invite people with a pure intention of God. Perhaps our Lord bless you with every invitation like it.”


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