Former Barcelona president: I hope Salah will move to Camp Nou


Juan Gaspart, the former president of Barcelona, ​​has confirmed that he wishes Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, to join the Catalan team.

During statements to the “B On Time” program broadcast on the “On Time Sports” channel, Gaspart said: “I did not see Salah play directly, but I read about him a lot.”

He added: “Certainly I hope he will join Barcelona, ​​but this is not my opinion, in the end the coaching staff is the first and last decision maker.”

And about the competition between the English and Spanish League, he said: “I am not convinced that Premier League is stronger than La Liga, the competition among all the teams is distinctive, but I think that the Spanish League is the best among the European leagues, and it is not a measure of the presence of 3 English teams in the quarter-finals of the Champions League versus a Spanish team. He is only Real Madrid. ”

He continued: “For example, last season Liverpool was in control of the domestic title, but the situation has changed completely in the current season. Manchester City currently controls the local championships, it is an integrated team, and Pep Guardiola (City coach) has distinguished players who can win any time”.

And about his nominations for the European champion this season, he said: “As long as Barcelona bids the competition, I do not have a favorite candidate, which team wins the title.”


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