Former Tunisia player: Al-Ahly’s interest in Al-Huni is a rumor, a targeted war


Former Tunisian national team player Samir Selimi stated that the talk about Al-Ahly’s interest in contracting with Libyan Hamdo Al-Houni is aimed at destabilizing Esperance after winning over Zamalek and emphasizing the strength of its list.

Al-Selimi said in radio statements, in response to the rumor of Al-Ahly’s interest in Al-Houni: “This is a rumor to destabilize Esperance, and a media war directed against the club, which has proven its ability at all levels.”

He continued: “Esperance has proven through the matches it has played that it has the ability to win the Champions League after it dominated its group and defeated Zamalek back and forth.”

He added, “Al-Ahly certainly possesses the financial capabilities that qualify him to obtain the services of the Huni, but if he wishes to do this, he must follow the legitimate channels.”

Tunisias Esperance tops their group with 10 points from 4 matches, and guaranteed qualification after winning their two encounters against Zamalek and two rounds before the conclusion of the group stage.


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