“From a famous artist to a seller of cheese” … Jihan Fadel’s first comment on the secret of her disappearance


The first comment from Jehan Fadel
The first comment from Jihan Fadel

The first comment from Jihan Fadel .. Several news spread about the artist, Jihan Fadel, on social media, stating that she works in a small supermarket in one of the states in Canada.

And she sells cheese and olives, in order to spend on her three children, Adham, Ziad and Alia.

The first comment from Jihan Fadel

According to Al-Watan, she said that she preferred to ignore all of these matters and follow her news without responding.

Especially since she wore a muzzle and glasses so that no one in Canada would know her while she was working in the supermarket.

Jehan Fadel previously worked in an Egyptian food restaurant, selling fava beans and falafel, and all this for the sake of her children.

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This is what was confirmed by the writer Ayman Noureddine, through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”.

Jehan Fadel’s life was not smooth, but she suffered in her career after the death of her husband, fashion designer Amr Hamdy, who passed away in 2012 with a heart attack.

And in contact with the Syndicate of Acting Professions, she denied knowledge of any news indicating the travel or retirement of the artist, Jehan Fadel, during the previous period, especially since she made a great artistic career.

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