“From India to beyond Gibraltar” .. What is the truth about the accumulation of ships after the Suez Canal broke down? (photo)


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Navigation was disrupted along the course of the Suez Canal after the Panamanian container ship ran aground.Ever Geffen | Ever Given», While the Authority continues Suez Canal Its efforts to float the giant container ship and resume movement.

The disruption of the Suez Canal caught the attention of the international media, due to the impact of the Egyptian waterway on global shipping traffic, while local media reported that the price of oil increased by 5% due to the disruption of the canal.

The accident occurred Tuesday morning, and is mainly due to the lack of visibility resulting from the bad weather due to the dust storm, and the wind speed reaching 40 knots, which led to the loss of the ability to steer the ship and then stranded.

Since the Suez Canal Authority announced the delinquency of the Panamanian ship heading from China to Rotterdam, rumors have abounded about the accumulation of a huge number of ships, some claiming that it extended from India beyond Gibraltar in the Maghreb.

Nael Al-Shafei, founder of the Encyclopedia of Knowledge, posted on his Facebook account saying that “the waiting ships extend beyond India and beyond Gibraltar,” attaching a picture of the accumulation of a large number of ships in the Red and Mediterranean Bahrain.

Statement of ship movement in the Middle East, according to the Vessel Finder website

Site “VesselFinder», Who specializes in tracking the movement of ships around the world, shows congestion of ship traffic from the northern and southern sides of the Suez Canal, and it turns out that the number of waiting ships does not exceed tens or hundreds at most.

Usually ship traffic takes this form and with such density on tracking sites that monitor the routes of all ships around the world, with data on each ship, its route, destination and destination, country of the ship, and other detailed data.

On the other hand, users on the communication sites questioned the feasibility of the new Suez Canal, while they were accused of causing the ship to run aground, and the fact that the ship ran aground at km 151, numbering the canal, while crossing the canal in the southern convoy.

According to the statement of the Council of Ministers and signed «VesselFinder», It was found that the Panamanian ship was on its way to the north of the new Suez Canal, while it was stranded on the shore of the canal, tens of kilometers away from the new channel.

A giant ship stranded in the Suez Canal

And a Twitter account wrote that the ship’s captain was the Egyptian captain, Marwa El Silahdar, the first Egyptian Arab captain, saying: “Whoever is capable of defiance and confrontation, the ship was put on parade in the Suez Canal.”

And by research it turns out that Marwa El Silahdar It has nothing to do with the delinquent ship, and it works on board the ship “Aida 4”, owned by the Egyptian Authority for the Safety of Navigation. It is a ship intended to supply lighthouses and isolated lighthouses, and is used to train students of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi honored Marwa El-Silahdar at the celebration of Egyptian women in March 2017, and the National Council for Women says on its website about Marwa El Silahdar “I joined the Maritime Academy, the International Transportation Division, and decided to move to the Maritime Navigation Division, where she passed all the exams, and was able to graduate with excellence from the Maritime Navigation Department class of 2013 to become the first Egyptian girl in the profession of a marine captain.”

Commenting on the ship’s stranding incident, Marwa El Silahdar said in televised statements that a news platform published her photo a few days ago to celebrate the entry of the women into the Suez Canal.

Marwa El-Selahdar confirmed that bad weather can affect any ship, which is normal, adding that what happened with the Panamanian ship happens in all the lanes in the world, praising the workers in the Suez Canal, stressing that they possess a great degree of professionalism and professionalism.

The location of the giant ship stranding in the Suez Canal, according to the Vessel Finder website

In the latest development of the navigation movement in the Suez Canal, the course witnessed the crossing of the northern convoy of ships coming from Port Said, in parallel with the intensive efforts made by the rescue units and the Authority’s tugs to rescue and float the giant Panamanian container ship.

The Suez Canal Authority stated in a statement that the Crisis Management Committee, led by Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, Chairman of the Authority, supervises the work of the ship’s float, to ensure the regularity of the navigation movement in accordance with the highest standards of safety and security, and to serve the global trade movement.

The stranded ship is 400 meters long and 59 meters wide, and its tonnage is 200,000 tons. The Suez Canal Authority has paid 8 tugs since the delinquency was reported at 8:30 am Tuesday morning, in an attempt to float it.

A giant ship stranded in the Suez Canal
Giant locomotives continue their efforts to float the stranded ship in the Suez Canal

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