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Scientists around the world are searching greatly for an effective ingredient that can help fight the Corona pandemic, and according to the German website concerned with health issues, “Heil Praxis Net,” a German research team has come up with a new active substance that can protect cells from infection with the Covid virus.

And researchers from the “Reinsche Friedrich Wilhelm” University in Bonn and the research center “Cesar” isolated a molecule that could open new ways to combat the Corona virus. The specifications of the new active ingredient are identical to the spiky protein in the Coronavirus, which binds to cells in order to infect them.

In the laboratory, the researchers found that the new active ingredient is able to prevent the virus from penetrating into cells, and the results were presented in the scientific journal “Angevanter Schemi”, as stated on the “Innovation Origins” website.

The team of scientists stated that the new active ingredient called “Aptamer” is one of the short chains of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), mainly made of chromosomes, and this DNA strain possesses the property of binding to other molecules.

The scientific team did not use corona viruses, but the so-called pseudoviruses are equipped with the siliceous protein, but they do not cause any diseases. “We now have to see if our results are also effective when using real viruses,” said Professor Michael Famuluk of the Limes Institute, who is also working in partnership with the Research Center “Cesar” in Bonn.

If these results are confirmed in the medium term, for example, a type of nasal spray can be provided that can protect against infection with corona. But until then, more studies are required that will certainly take months, and the world will only have to speed up vaccination to curb the deadly virus.

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