Ghana qualifies for the nations of Africa and a struggle for the second card


The Ghanaian national team qualified for the African Nations Finals after a 1-1 draw with South Africa in the match that was held today, Thursday, in the fifth round of the third group of qualifiers.

The Ghanaian team raised its score to 10 points in first place and is equal to the South African team, but the superiority in direct confrontations against him and the Sudanese team gave him the qualification card before going into the last round.

Muhammad Quddus scored the first goal for the Ghanaian national team in the 49th minute, but Percy Tao quickly tied for the landlords in the 51st minute, and the match ended with this result.

The Sudanese team, which has 9 points, hosts its South African counterpart in the last round and needs to win in order to ensure qualification, whether in the lead or runners-up, or the guest in next Sunday’s match, it needs only a draw.


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