Giza: The Rawd El-Farag Corridor is partially closed for 10 days


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Giza Governorate announced that in the framework of carrying out maintenance work and raising the efficiency of the occasional structural joints of the Rawd al-Farag Corridor in both directions, the extent of the Giza Governorate, above Warraq Island A partial closure of the Rawd al-Farag Corridor will be made in both directions at the aforementioned site, approximately 100 meters from the Long Live Egypt Bridge, by rotation, as 3 traffic lanes will be closed and 3 lanes left to prevent traffic movement, for a period of ten days, starting on Saturday 27 3/3/2021 until Monday, 4/5/2021.

The governorate said in a statement, that works are from 6 am to 6 pm only for the entire period of work without disrupting traffic, noting that all means of industrial security and technical assistance will be deployed during the works through the executing company.

The Giza Traffic Department, in coordination with the executing company, set up traffic warning and warning signs in the entire business vicinity to ensure the security and safety of citizens, and traffic services were deployed to facilitate traffic movement.

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