Global Health: Corona deaths rose for the first time in 6 weeks


Dr. said. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the technical team on COVID-19 in World Health Organization, The increase in the number of deaths from the virus came after the fifth consecutive week of an increase in confirmed cases around the world.

She added that the number of registered cases increased in four of the six WHO regions, although there are significant differences within each region.

Van Kerkhove told reporters, “Last week, the number of cases increased by 8 percent … in Europe, the rate reached 12 percent, and this is driven by an increase in many countries.”

She added that the increase was partly due to prevalence A mutated strain of the virus It first appeared in Britain and is now spreading to many other places, including Eastern Europe.

Van Kerkhove also reported that Southeast Asia recorded a 49 percent jump from week to week in confirmed cases, while the Western Pacific region registered an increase of 29 percent due to the Philippines. Saw area Eastern Mediterranean Cases increased by 8 percent, while the number of reported cases decreased in the Americas and Africa.

Van Kerkhove added, “I want to mention that it’s been about six weeks since we saw a drop in deaths … And last week, we started seeing a slight increase in deaths around the world, which is to be expected if we see increased cases. But this is also a worrying sign.” .

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