Global Health: Give us the AstraZeneca vaccine if you don’t want it


And d admitted. Bruce Aylward, a Special Adviser to the Director General of the Organization, Anne World Health Organization I received “many questions” about the AstraZeneca vaccine amid early concerns about whether it was associated with severe cases of rare blood clots in some patients who had received it.

He told reporters that countries wishing to publish the AstraZeneca vaccine are “very interested” in obtaining it, and among them are countries participating in the program.Kovacs“With the support of the United Nations, it aims to spread vaccines in countries that most need them, whether rich or poor.

He explained, “The problem is not weak demand, quite the opposite. If there are any countries that have concerns or do not use a vaccine completely … make it available to Kovacs because we have a long list of countries that are very, very interested in using a vaccine.” AstraZeneca“.

He added, “We simply cannot get enough of it.” He also said that the positive results of clinical trials of the vaccine in the United States, Chile and Peru “gave us new confidence and demand for the vaccine.”

And AstraZeneca announced that its vaccine against Covid-19 provides strong protection from disease and eliminates the need for hospitalization or death due to disease, even among the elderly, at the last stage of testing it in the United States.

Intervals AstraZeneca Its experts did not identify any concerns about the safety of the vaccine, nor did they find any evidence that it increases the risk of developing rare blood clots that have occurred in some cases in Europe. The question now is whether the results will help rebuild public confidence in the vaccine around the world, as the company tries to win permission to use its vaccine in the United States.

In a statement, AstraZeneca added that its COVID-19 vaccine is 79 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 symptoms and has been 100 percent effective in preventing disease in adults and transporting to hospitals because of it, although it has not yet published its full data, so it is not clear what. If there is a sufficient number of cases among adults to make the results significant.

Investigators had said that The vaccine It is effective for all adults of all ages, even the elderly, but some experts have requested better data.

AstraZeneca interim results are based on 141 cases Covid-19However, officials refused to disclose to reporters at a press conference held today about the number of people who received the vaccine and the number of those who received the placebo in the experiments conducted on volunteers inside the study.

“These results reaffirm previous results. It is important to see similar efficacy results in people over 65 for the first time,” said Anne Walsey, from the University of Rochester School of Medicine, who helped lead the trials.


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