God suffices and yes, the agent in the rumor mongers


Artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh expressed his dissatisfaction with the widespread statements regarding his coming to filming his Ramadan series naturally, knowing that he was infected with the Coronavirus.

Ahmed Khaled Saleh added In a statement to Echo Country: “I am laughing, by God .. what absurdity this is, the statement is not real.”

He confirmed, “The father of my wife, the musician, Hani Muhanna, did not say this, and I contacted him and told me that he did not communicate with anyone .. God is my suffice and yes, the agent is the promoter of rumors.”

The echo of the country was aware The artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh was infected with the Corona virus, after the artist Hanadi Mohanna announced that she was infected with the virus through her account on the social networking site Facebook.

Hanadi Muhanna wrote: “Positive analysis of Covid, praise be to God … a nice day for everyone, as she announced through the Instagram application that she had entered quarantine.


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