Godzilla vs. Kong smashes revenue forecasts at the global box office


Godzilla vs. Kong, reviving life again at the global box office, after achieving revenues that reached 122 million US dollars after 5 days of its launch in a limited number of countries, thus becoming the first work that can achieve high revenues since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

The film is scheduled to arrive in theaters in the United States in the coming days, after it was launched on March 24 in a number of countries of the world, and the film was produced by Warner Bros, which was able to achieve the numbers achieved by Godzilla vs. Kong compensated for the loss it faced with the release of the movie Tenet last year, according to the report published on the “vanityfair” website,

The Godzilla vs. Kong is ready to achieve high revenues, as the business achieved revenues of $ 70.3 million in China alone by the end of this week, and this is a great progress for work, especially in China due to the control of Chinese business on the Chinese box office since 2019.

The company “Legendary Pictures” recently announced that it will produce a new part of the movie “Godzill”, in which it will merge between Godzilla and King Kon, and the film will be titled Godzilla vs. King Kong, and the movie costs a very huge budget of up to 200 million dollars, and will be presented as the American cinematic show 2020.

“Godzilla” topped the US box office revenues in its first week of presentation, when it achieved $ 93 million, and the film starred Aaron Taylor Johnson, Ken Watanbe, Elizabeth Olsen and Juliet Pinochet, with David Strathern and Brian Cranston, and Godzillas films are fictional films that attracted many Viewers are old and young, be it cinematic films or cartoon adventures.


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