Gold is declining at the beginning of the week’s trading, and 21 gauge records 764 pounds per gram


Experienced gold prices A limited decline at the beginning of trading this week, today, Monday, at a value that ranged from one to two pounds, and the 21 gauge of gold, which is the main caliber of the Egyptian market, recorded a price of 764 pounds per gram.

18-carat gold recorded a value of 655 pounds per gram in trading, and 24-carat gold reached 873 pounds per gram, and the gold pound recorded 6112 pounds, and finally an ounce of gold recorded the average price of $ 1731, the price of spot transactions.

Prices gold It fell at the global level with investors preferring alternative safe-haven assets such as the US dollar and bonds, and gold fell in the spot market 0.5 percent to $ 1736.71 an ounce in Asian trading, and it had lost 0.7% earlier in the session, and gold in futures trading in the United States fell 0.2 % To $ 1738.80 an ounce.

Gold, which is priced in dollars, lost safe haven flows in favor of the yen and bonds, and on the level of other precious metals, palladium rose 0.2% to $ 2,639.92, silver fell 2.5% to $ 25.60, and platinum lost 1.3% to $ 1181.30, according to Reuters.


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