Gold is deposited with you at the end of trading, with its decline … Look, it reached a limit at the end of the day


Gold prices in Egypt witnessed a slight decline at the end of today’s trading, Tuesday, March 23, 2021, and it is currently continuing its slight instability since the beginning of the current week in conjunction with the Mother’s Day celebrations, as every gram of various calibers lost about one pound.

Gold prices will decline at the end of today’s trading, Tuesday 3/23/2021

It is also mentioned that according to the latest prices for a screen gold Inside the Egyptian goldsmiths’ shops, the price of a gram of 24 caliber, the highest in the market, reached 873 pounds during the closing day.

Gold prices today in Egypt 3-20-2021 and the stability of the 21 carat - Al Mal Newspaper

The 21-carat gram, the most widespread in the market, reached 764 pounds, and the 18-carat in the market reached 655 pounds, as for the lowest caliber of 14, it reached 509 pounds, and the price of the gold pound reached about 6120 pounds, and the ounce of gold reached 27.2 thousand pounds and kilo The yellow metal recorded 874.3 thousand pounds in the market.

A new rise in gold prices in Egypt during today's trading | Masrawy

It is also worth noting that global prices rose today, Tuesday, after the decline in the returns on bonds that belong to the US Treasury, and this is what has resulted in a rise in the prices of the precious metal now.

Gold prices in Egypt record a big drop today - Economic - World Today - Al-Bayan

Several reports confirmed that the decline in the yield on bonds, and this comes before Jerome testified by the first Chairman of the Federal Reserve and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and also the yellow metal increased in the market by 0.1% to $ 1793.66 per ounce, and also the yellow metal stabilized in all American futures and reached For $ 1,738.70 an ounce.

Gold prices today in Egypt, Sunday 3/21-2021 ... and the stability of the 21 carat - Al Mal Newspaper

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