Gold prices are down 10 pounds, and 21 carat is down 742 pounds per gram


Retreated gold prices in a Goldsmiths Market A little while ago, the value of 10 pounds, against the backdrop of the fall in the global price of an ounce of gold to 1687 dollars, a decline of more than $ 22 in immediate dealings, due to a recovery in US bond returns as well as the dollar, which contributed to the decline in gold prices.

Gold prices today in Egypt are now recorded at 742 pounds for 21 gauge, which is the most popular caliber in the Egyptian market, and 18-carat gold records a price of 636 pounds per gram, and 24-carat gold reached 848 pounds per gram, and the gold pound scored 5936 pounds.

The price of gold in Egypt is constantly changing throughout the gold trading sessions on the global stock exchanges, as the global price of an ounce of gold is witnessing continuous declines since the opening of trading on the precious metal yesterday, Monday, at the beginning of this week’s trading.

The dollar rose against major currencies on Tuesday (March 30th) and rose to a one-year high against the yen as the acceleration of Covid-19 vaccinations and plans for massive stimulus packages in the United States fueled inflation expectations and Treasury yields.

The dollar, which is considered a safe haven, was supported in general as investors understood the repercussions of the collapse of the highly leveraged investment fund Archigus Capital, and this was reflected in gold trading, to record the yellow metal falling close to 2% within 24 hours.


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