Gold prices in Egypt today, Tuesday, 23-3-2021 … and 21 karat, for 766 pounds


We publish details gold prices In Egypt, at the beginning of trading today, Tuesday, March 23, 2021, in Egypt, which recorded a very limited movement towards the rise, which may not be effective in The goldsmiths market.

Gold prices today:

Caliber 21 records 766 pounds.

Caliber 18 recorded 656.5 pounds.

Caliber 24 records 875.5 pounds.

The gold pound is 6128 pounds.

An ounce of gold is $ 1739.

The dollar consolidated near its highest level in 4 months, and US bond yields rose, which created turmoil in the gold market.

The decision of the US Federal Reserve last week to keep the interest rate near zero, as the Fed said that the programs and interest will remain near zero until the complete economic recovery and the return of full employment, and this certainly affected gold prices at the end of the week and the yellow metal rose 1745 dollars at the close of trading, But prices fell slightly, supported by the rise in the dollar.

Gold, as one of the most important assets, has become the focus of attention of investors’ lists in the recent period, although the yellow metal was irrelevant to market developments during the past few weeks, while the market movement has strengthened in the risk sectors, but gold sheds the dust now, and is back as a player in the arena after receiving Hit after another for a long time, and investors began to resort to gold again in light of the return of market volatility, but it is not possible to bet on the continuation of the relatively high demand for gold due to the continuous fluctuations in the price of the dollar as well as the yield of US bonds, which directly affect the prices of the yellow metal.

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