Gold prices rise 7 pounds in evening transactions … and 21 karat records 750 pounds


Prices went up gold In evening trading today, Wednesday, at a value of 7 pounds, after major declines in the last 48 hours, the movement of the gold price in Egypt came after the global price of the metal rose to 1709 dollars an ounce.

aFor 21 karat gold It is the best seller in Egypt, recording a rise of 750 pounds per gram until the formulation of these lines, after a drop to 743 pounds per gram.

Gold prices in Egypt after their rise:

Caliber 18 recorded 642.75 pounds per gram.

Caliber 21 recorded 750 pounds per gram.

Caliber 24 recorded 857.25 pounds per gram.

The gold pound is 6000 pounds.

An ounce of gold is $ 1709.

The production of gold that is stamped annually in the Department of Stamps and Weights is about 70 tons of gold, according to the latest available information, and this number increases and decreases annually according to the demand for gold in the Egyptian market.

According to the data available from the Gold Division in Egypt, 21 karat gold is the most valuable amount of gold that is produced in Egypt annually, due to the high demand for it in Egypt.

The prices registered in the Egyptian market and published in the context of this report are not added to the so-called workmanship price, which varies from one dealer to another and from one company to another, and also varies according to the type of goldwork in Egypt.

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