“Golden tips” … to help you save electricity at home


Rationalization of consumption is required in all sources of energy available to humans, and with different reasons, some of them see saving money, and others see To protect the environment, here are some tips that contribute to rationalizing the electricity bill to limit the increase in its monthly value in the following points:

1- Disconnect electrical appliances from the mains.

2- Dry the laundry with sunlight and do not rely on an electric dryer.

3- Run the washing machine with its full load because it consumes the same amount of energy.

4- Arranging the food inside the freezer and placing them side by side to fill the voids, so it does not waste Freon and thus consumes less electricity.

5- Collecting clothes to be ironed once or twice a week, because the electricity consumption will be more economical than the daily electricity consumption.

6- Removing the accumulated ice from the refrigerator because it works with more energy and consumes more electricity.

7- Avoid placing hot food in the refrigerator, as this increases electricity consumption.

8- Set the air conditioner to 25 degrees.

9- Avoid opening the oven more than once to check on food. Because that lowers the temperature, and consumes more energy.

10- Use the microwave to heat the food instead of the oven, because it consumes less time, and therefore less energy.

11- Fill the kettle as needed only because more water consumes more energy.


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