“Google” a new feature to protect the data of users of the “Chrome” browser for smart devices


Google announced that it is testing a new feature to protect Chrome browser users’ data across iOS smartphones and devices.

The company indicated – in a statement reported by the (Russia Today) news channel today, Wednesday, that the new feature that it began testing with a specific number of smartphone owners will enable users of Chrome browsers via phones to activate the incognito mode, meaning that the user will be able to close the browser. And the tabs that it uses, depending on the technologies of the fingerprint “Face ID” or fingerprints “Touch ID”, so that no one else can access that data.

The company explained that when this feature is activated, the browser will automatically hide the open tabs when it is closed directly, and those signs will not appear on the screen until the user’s identity is confirmed through the techniques mentioned previously.

She added that it is striving in the recent period to provide its browser with many new technologies to attract the largest number of users, especially since other browsers affiliated with Microsoft or Mozilla have seen remarkable leaps in terms of features in the past two years.


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