Google is making trend upgrades on its maps to aid in internal navigation


Google announces a set of new features planned for Google Maps, including a new tool to aid internal navigation and suggestions for environmentally friendly driving routes, however, the features announced today did not come out in one go Many of them are not available yet, and it is not clear when some will be available in some parts of the world according to the verege.

The most prominent of which is that Google provides Live View augmented reality directions to airports, transportation stations and malls, Live View directions allow you to raise your phone and point the camera to the world around you and see the arrows and icons that direct you to the place you want to go, and it used to work only in the open air .

But these indoor augmented reality trends haven’t been widely publicized yet: they’re only available in some malls in Chicago, Long Island, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle at the moment.

Google will launch indoor Live View trends at transit stations, airports and specific shopping centers in Tokyo and Zurich in the coming months, however, more cities are “on the way” according to the company.

Google is also planning to revamp the interface to choose your transport method for directions on Android and iOS, and for now, you have to switch between the different tabs to see more details about the different transfer options but with this new interface, you just have to scroll through the list.

The company says that maps will even be able to prioritize your preferences and put those that are popular in certain cities (the New York City subway, for example) at the top of the list, with this new interface slated to be launched globally in the coming months.

In addition to the directions interface, Google adds a new type of driving lane that has been optimized to reduce fuel consumption. If the environmentally friendly route has roughly the same estimated time to reach the fastest route to a location, Google Maps will default to the fuel-saving route, although you can change that. In the settings if you wish.

Google plans to make these new fuel-efficient routes available on Android and iOS in the United States later this year and globally at an undetermined time in the future.

Fuel-saving roads aren’t the only green map updates:

Google also plans to offer alerts that tell you when you’re navigating through low-emission areas that don’t allow some vehicles with certain levels of emissions to enter.

Google says these alerts will launch in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK on Android and iOS in June, and more countries will get alerts soon, according to Google.


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