Google is providing its engine with new tools that improve online learning capabilities for students and teachers


The American company “Google”, the giant of Internet search engines, has revealed its plan to provide its famous search engine “Google” with new tools aimed at improving the capabilities of online learning for both students and teachers..

Google said – in a statement – that the famous “Google” search engine has become an important tool for online learning and education, and that it is working on adding five new tools to the search engine that it believes will benefit both students and teachers in making the best use of resources in order to obtain Good online education“.

The new projects, which come as part of the “Learn” initiative from Google, which deals with the concepts of “Steam”, are available at the present time only in English, and it is expected that more languages ​​will be added soon..

The company explained that the search engine will provide educational reviews, useful examples and useful video clips from the Internet for the concepts of “Steam” (which means “science, technology, engineering and mathematics”), and it will also provide a navigation tab called “practice problem solving” that allows users to train in solving mathematical problems and physics. And chemistry directly via the search engine, along with providing resources for learning from various web sites.

The company also plans to provide 3D augmented reality technology for users with about 200 concepts of anatomy, biology, chemistry and physics, in addition to providing solutions for simple and complex mathematical equations in order to help students solve their homework..

The new feature will be available on the search engine versions dedicated to desktop computers and mobile devices. The service will also be provided with support for a “screen reader” application, and data entry devices specially developed for users with mobility impairments.

In the context, “Google” revealed that its search engine will get a feature called “full coverage”, which will allow users to receive a comprehensive report about a specific news story, which will be very useful in the case of complex news that occurs continuously around the clock from various sources..


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