Google Translate corrects an error in a phrase that includes the word “Biden”


After the mention, Google corrected a mistake in translating a phrase in which the name of the US President, Joe Biden, was mentioned, with a mention of the matter, according to the Russian “Novosti” agency, according to a spokesperson for the company, which was transmitted by Russia today.

It is noteworthy that the Russian satellite TV channel RT had earlier drawn attention to the translation site “Google Translate” that translates the English phrase: “Biden changed for bad” in the Russian language: “Biden changed for the better.”

As for the similar phrase regarding the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the website translates it accurately. In other words, the English phrase: “Putin changed for bad,” the website translates into: “Putin changed for the worse” in Russian.

On the other hand, “Google” users noticed in December of 2020 that “Google Translate” was translating the phrase “Thank you, Mr. President” into Russian: “Thank you, Mr. President” into Russian, “Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich”, and the site also corrected this translation.

A spokesperson for “Google” told “Novosti” that the error was committed due to distortions that may occur while teaching the software algorithms using templates from the Internet.


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