Guidance forms for the sixth grade of primary school 2021, month of March and the date of the examination


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The Ministry of Education website displayed indicative models for the sixth grade of primary school 2021 in March to explain the combined examination forms, which aim to train students through these indicative models for the sixth grade of elementary school 2021 in March in the manner of the multidisciplinary examination, and the Ministry of Education chose to set these indicative models on the education platform Al-Masry multiple choice method.

The monthly examinations for the sixth grade of elementary school are conducted for the month of March on March 31, 2021, with the aim of evaluating students monthly instead of the year-end examinations.

You can browse the indicative forms for the sixth grade exams collected for the month of March 2021 from here:

Yesterday, Monday, the first semester exams for the second semester for transportation classes began, and students of the fourth grade of primary and first grade of middle school took the combined exam in March 2021, multidisciplinary, and students of the fifth grade of primary school and also students of the second grade of middle school take today Tuesday the combined exam in March 2021 in those previously announced courses By the Ministry of Education for the month of March.

And Dr. Tariq Shawqi, Minister of Education, had warned earlier that there were rumors to suspend the examinations, stressing that the exams would be monthly, and the average scores of those monthly exams would be calculated to become in the end the second term.

The Ministry of Education addressed the schools, departments and educational directorates of the entire list of courses assigned to study for the month of March for the transportation classes for the years from primary to sixth primary, as well as courses for the first intermediate and second intermediate grades.

The Ministry of Education and Education had completed preparations for holding the March exams before the start of the exams, which began Monday, March 29th, as part of the new methods of evaluating students during the second semester, for grades from the fourth primary to the second preparatory in all public, private and international schools.

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