Haifa Wehbe raises controversy with a hijab on Tik Tok


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She raised the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe A sensation on social media after sharing her first video on the video site Tik Tok.

Haifa Wehbe raises controversy on Tik Tok

The video featured Haifa Wehbe, with the participation of her friend Ahed, during an acting scene that attracted the admiration of thousands of viewers and caused a stir on social media and was widely shared.

Haifa Wehbe and her friend appeared wearing a veil on their heads during the acting, and during the video Ahed appeared announcing her repentance, saying: “We repent to God.”

Followers described Haifa Wehbe as a center of positive energy and beauty, especially with her spontaneous appearance in the video.

Haifa Wehbe’s birthday

AndHaifa Wehbe celebrated her birthday The 45th this year, days ago, and I published a video in which she appeared to blow out the candle of the birthday cake, but her appearance ignited social networking sites and caught the eye..

Haifa Wehbe appeared in the video clip, in a very short dress, high-heeled shoes and a flat Shukr hairdo. The Lebanese star caught the attention with her looks, which her followers interacted with.

While receiving the gifts and congratulatory phrases, Haifa revealed through her official account on the Instagram website and application that her sister had a gift to her, which was a drawing of Haifa Wehbe’s face on the beach of a Dubai resort in addition to writing her name and the phrase Happy Birthday..

Haifa commented on the gift of her sister and wrote through her personal account on the Instagram application: “I do not think of the most beautiful of such a surprise! You drew me on the sands of the sea in Dubai, a gift from the best and most compassionate sister in the world with your love so much, my sister.”

Celebrating Haifa Wehbe’s birthday did not stop only at the borders of her family, but a number of fans and fans of Haifa Wehbe were keen to celebrate her birthday in their own way, as a number of them adorned one of the facades of the buildings with balloons and stood on the balconies and sang to Haifa Wehbe while raising a number of her pictures.

A number of art stars also sent greetings to the Lebanese star on her birthday, including the star Elisa And who tweeted through her personal account: “When we talk about inner and outer beauty, there is no doubt that Haifa Wehbe is the one who will come to mind first. I hope you have the happiest birthday and a year full of happiness, love and good health, I love you, girl.”


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