Hamdi Al-Marghani remembers a pleasant situation with a fan before his fame: My name is Ali Rabia, or “Face Face” … the tear escaped from my eyes | Video


The artist Hamdi Al-Marghani, during his hosting of the “Amin and Partners” program, presented by the artist Ahmed Amin on the channel ON, regained a funny situation that happened to him with a fan in his early days.

Hamdi Al-Marghani explained that the situation occurred at the beginning of the theater days, when only 25% of the people knew them, and there may be one person in each family who had seen him once, and he did not know whether he was a footballer, artist, or famous for another reason.

Hamdi Al-Marghani said that he met that fan in “Mall”, and the fan asked to take a picture with him, and of course he mentioned other names in the wrong way, such as Ali Rabia or “Face Face”, and that his name was not among them, but he was very happy because the fan knows him. That person asked one of the passers-by to photograph them, and he used to tell him what the fan was supposed to say to him, such as “This is my honor, and maybe your number.”

He added, “As I walked the person who was photographing us, he said,” Can’t you picture me with the fan, I don’t know who he is, but his appearance is important. The tear escaped from my eyes. ”


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