Hana Zahid participated with her husband Ahmed Fahmy playing football while she was in isolation .. Video


The star here Zahid appeared, in a new video, from inside the garden of her home during her stay in the quarantine period, after being infected with the Corona virus “Covid-19”, where she went out for the first time to the garden of the house since her infection, to join her husband, artist Ahmed Fahmy, playing ball.

And she said here, in a video that her husband posted on his Instagram account: “Now, I am the first day to go out and stand in El Geneina. Ahmed decided that he plays with me as a football because I am so bored.”

Here ascetic
Here ascetic

Artist Ahmed Fahmy was keen to support his wife here, Zahid, during her infection with the Corona virus, as he published earlier, a picture on his Instagram account, and he is following here the ascetic from behind a glass wall to adhere to the precautionary measures of Corona virus and check on her at the same time.

The artist appeared here Zahid in good condition and watched by Ahmed Fahmy, who commented on the picture, saying: “Love in the time of Corona.”

Here ascetic in her garden
Here ascetic in her garden

And the artist here Zahid previously assured her followers of her health in light of her infection with the Corona virus, through a video via the Astori feature on the “Instagram” website, in which she revealed the developments of her health and said that she was fine, and she called on everyone to wear the mask wherever they appeared, confirming that she was not wearing it. continuously.


About her condition, she said: “Currently, I am fine. I feel bad, but the heartbeat remains a little fast, and the soul, but nothing like that. I thank God is good and there is no need. Thank you to all the people who asked me, but I wish all the people who go down the street or meet their friends stay Wearing a mask, thank you to all the people who talked to me and be free of yourself. “


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