Hand Council approves the participation of Zamalek in the African Super Championship


The Board of Directors of the Interim Committee of the Handball Federation headed by Mohamed El Amine approved the participation of Zamalek Club in the African Super Cup for men scheduled for the period from 15 to 18 May next in Agadir, Morocco, during the emergency session held today, Wednesday.

The session also witnessed the approval of the participation of the two international referees, “Yasmine Al-Saeed and Heidi Al-Saeed” to manage the matches of the African Cup Winners’ Championship in Morocco, and the participation of referee Tamer Fekry as a technical observer in the African Cup of Cups as well.

Hand decisions
Hand decisions

The Egyptian Olympic Committee headed by Hisham Hatab recently adopted a decision International Hand Federation By appointing a committee to run the business of the Game Federation headed by Mohamed Al-Amin, until elections for a new board of directors are held.

The committee includes Nabil Khashaba, a treasurer, and in the membership are: Assem Al Saadani, Ayman Salah, Moamen Safa, Abdo Abdel Wahab, Mahmoud Al Adl and Amr Fathy.

The temporary committee witnessed the addition of new members from the previous council, and they are: Muhammad Al-Amin, Asim Al-Saadani and Ayman Salah, while the rest of the committee are members of the Hesham Nasr Council.

The International Handball Federation had decided to suspend Hisham Nasr, President of the Egyptian Federation, for a year, due to the penetration of the medical bubble in the Egypt 2021 World Cup.


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