Hani Al-Nazer interacts with followers of “Al-Masry Al-Youm”: “I am at your command.”


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Interaction dr Hani Al Nazer The former head of the National Research Center, along with a number of followers of “Al-Masry Al-Youm” via its official Facebook account, to answer their various inquiries regarding skin diseases and treatment methods for some of them.

Commenting on the news published by “Al-Masry Al-Youm” about ways to prevent the dust storm that Egypt is witnessing now, the headmaster said: “If some of you have any question about dermatology, I am at your command.” The followers began to ask many questions to him, which He responded to them, including prescriptions for many diseases.

Hani Al-Nazer had given a number of instructions that must be adhered to in Shadow Weather fluctuations That Egypt is witnessing in the coming days.

Al-Nazer said, in his comment on his Facebook account:

1- Make sure of closing Fans Electrical appliances and air conditioners when leaving homes or work places to avoid fires.

2- Not to leave the alcohol bottles used for prevention Corona Or disinfectants inside cars while they are left in the sun so that they do not explode and cause disasters.

3- Car owners have to check the water level and note the car’s temperature indicator constantly.

4- Take care to drink more water.

5- Shower in the morning and evening, and it is preferable to use glycerin soap.

6- Avoid standing directly under the sun at noon, and a hand umbrella can be used to prevent heat.

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