Hani Muhanna Ahmed Khaled Saleh continues to photograph despite his infection with Corona – E3lamCom


03/22 21:41

Musician Hani Muhanna said that the health condition of his daughter, the artist Hanadi Mhanna, is stable after she was infected with the Corona virus, adding that she suffers from high temperatures.

“Mhanna” continued, during statements to ET “Arabic”, that artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh was also infected with Corona virus.

He explained that the results of his analyzes are positive, and he added that he continues to practice his life in a normal and continuous manner with filming because of his association with filming two series that will be shown next Ramadan.

He indicated that his immunity is stronger than Hanadi while he is photographing naturally while maintaining the precautionary measures during the filming.

Hani Muhanna “Ahmed Khaled Saleh suffers from Corona and he appears normal because he has a job in Ramadan.”


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