Hani Muhanna resolves the controversy over Ahmed Khaled Saleh and Corona


The statements made a lot of noise on social media; As the public traded it widely, condemning it to follow Ahmed Khaled Saleh To photograph his work while he was injured by B.Corona.

For his part, the musician explained Hani Muhanna For “Sky News Arabia” website, the truth about the statements attributed to him; Stressing that it is fundamentally incorrect, saying that “the journalist who spoke with him misunderstood.”

He continued: “All I said is that when Saleh performed the tests, he was filming his scenes in the series (Qasr El Nil), in which he is participating in the Ramadan drama this year, and upon learning of the injury he apologized and committed to home isolation.

The Egyptian musician sent a message in which he reassured the audience of Saleh and his wife, the young artist Hanadi Muhanna, confirming that their condition is stable so far and they are committed to home isolation, and to follow the treatment protocol.

Both Saleh and his wife had announced that they had been infected with the Coronavirus, after conducting a medical smear that came back positive.

It should be noted that Saleh is participating in this year’s Ramadan dramatic race in the series “Qasr El Nil” with the two stars Dina El-Sherbiny And Reham Abdel Ghafour, and a large number of art and drama stars. The series is written by Muhammad Suleiman Abdel Malik and directed by Khaled Marei.

The events of the work date back to the 1960s era, and revolve around a great family struggle over the inheritance of a family that inhabits one of the major palaces, in a context of suspense.

And in a previous interview with Saleh with “Sky News Arabia”, he said he was excited to watch The series “Qasr Al Nil” With the audience, noting that it is “a completely different work in terms of visual elements, decor and style of speech.”

He explained that he embodies a character different from the characters he embodied in other roles, represented in the role of an unemployed young man who belongs to the Sioufi family, around which the events of the series revolve.


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