Hani Muhanna reveals the details of the night of the murder of Dhikra: Ayman Al-Suwaidi killed her and her friends with a machine gun and sat smoking cigars in front of the corpses! | news


Musician Hani Muhanna was a guest on Filfan, and he talked about his memories with his friends from the stars and stars of art, including the late artist Zikra, where he revealed secret details that occurred during the last night in her life, before her husband Ayman Al-Suwaidi finished it with several shots.

The following is a review of the most prominent statements of Hani Muhanna …

I refused the marriage of a memory to Ayman Al-Suwaidi because they were different from each other, and he was a psychologically unhealthy person, and his mother was also undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

Zikra told me that she wanted to marry Ayman al-Suwaidi so that her brothers would forget her a little because they were a psychological and financial burden for her.

Ayman Al-Suwaidi came to my house and asked me to marry Zikra and I agreed so as not to spoil their joy.

Childbearing was the spark that ignited the dispute between Zikra and Ayman Al-Suwaidi.

– Zikra did not benefit from Ayman Al-Suwaidi financially, like his previous wives, including the artist Hanan Turk, but rather helped him financially by paying the installments of his car, which cost 80 thousand dollars.

Ayman Al-Suwaidi killed Zikra, although she could have been saved because he was afraid that she would marry after him if he was sentenced to death or imprisonment.

– Ayman Al-Suwaidi refused to perform the analysis in order to solve the problem of childbearing, and when he encountered a memory on the night of the accident that he did not want to have children, she bumped into him and said: “You will go.”

– Ayman Al-Suwaidi tried to delude a memory that he was going to kill her. He grabbed his pistol and was aiming at the wall, but unfortunately, she was hit by a bullet in the neck.

A memorial maid told me the details of the whole incident because basically she was working for me.

Ayman Al-Suwaidi killed Zikra with a machine gun along with two other people, then went to the balcony to drink cigars and then committed suicide because he realized that there was no escape from the execution.

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