Hany Ramzy will miss presenting landfill programs for his second year to focus on cinema


For the second year in a row, the star Hany Ramzy is absent from presenting landfill programs after his success in a large number of them, and decided to focus on the artistic works that he intends to present during the dome period, as he recently presented a number of programs, including Hani in Mines, Hani Shaking the Mountain, Hani in the Jungle, and Landing Forced.

The star Hany Ramzy recently revealed the reason for the postponement of his movie “Meteor Al-Dakroury”, saying in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: The film requires huge sums and very high graphics, and it is difficult to implement the current period, adding that the film talks about space and what is going on inside it in a comic framework.

The star Hany Ramzy confirmed in the “The Seventh Day” symposium recently that his son Shady is a graduate of the American University Theater, and worked as an assistant director in a number of works, including his last film “Qasti Bayoujani”. Director Amr Arafa also participated in more than one job and also participated in directing a number of advertisements. He added, “I tried to keep him away from the field of art, especially as it is a difficult profession.”

The “Seventh Day” Foundation recently honored the star Hany Ramzy for his artistic career full of cinematic, dramatic and theatrical works, which spanned more than 30 years, and the award was received by journalist Khaled Salah, chairman and editor of the board of directors of “The Seventh Day”, and Hany Ramzy expressed his great happiness with this The honor.


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