“# Haqq”, hashtag tops “Twitter” after the accused of harassment were acquitted of “Dead Ghamr Girl”


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“I do not feel at this time other than oppression and anger, and I am afraid my feelings will turn into regret, afraid that I will regret that I have spoken, afraid that I will regret that I have completed the case.” the words Basant, or a dead girl, broadcasts her complaint after the release of 7 young men accused of harassing her in Mit Ghamr.

And the curtain fell on the incident of collective harassment of a girl Dead immersedLast Sunday, after the Mansoura Criminal Court ruled the innocence of the seven defendants, including 5 minors, after the prosecution charged them with indecent assault and exposure to a female with sexual insinuations.

The case goes back to the night of Thursday, December 10, when Yasmine Mahmoud Al-Azab, 23, a student at the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams, who is famous for “Basant”, had an accident. Collective harassment While walking on Port Said Street in the city of Mit Ghamr, Dakahlia.

Basant said yesterday in a series of tweets on Twitter: “Every official who has the ability to help me intervenes and helps me, asking anyone who can communicate my voice does this, and anyone who can share this post and write on the hashtag # Right_Pent_fin does that.”

A number of users interacted on the hashtag, demanding research and accountability for the harassers of the dead girl, and the hashtag topped the list of the most popular on Twitter.

Basant: “My right is gone.”

After the release of the seven defendants, Basant went out with several tweets asking the Public Prosecutor to appeal the verdict, and Basant said: “The length of time I preferred not to appear and wait for the results of the legal path of the two cases of indecent assault and collective sexual harassment, in the hope that my right is due to an incident that was recorded on cameras. Surveillance in the region, and the result is that they acquire innocence! ”

She added: “4 months and I am waiting for my right to return me, during which I was threatened more than once with murder, mutilation and rape. I was defamed and my life and my personal photos were used on my personal account and private (private). I was pressured and attempts to bargain with me more than once for money in order to give up. About the case ».

And she continued: “I don’t know how I’m thinking, I don’t know I sleep, I’m afraid while I’m outside the street, I’m scared and I’m a base in my house, and I don’t feel that anywhere in the world can stay safe for me again, I don’t know how to deal with my psychological pain, which resulted in physical pain. Despite all the attempts to pressure me to concede, I refused and decided to proceed with the case. ”

And she said, “I decided to ignore all the voices and respond to the Public Prosecution’s call that the six who are subjected to abuse will go to reach and her right will make her. Medicine, I have attained and have tolerated all the consequences of my decision and have paid for my slander, threats, stigmatization and insults.”

And she considered her relinquishing the case as a waiver of the right of “all six have been violated.”

And she went on: “But now my right is gone. It is my right and the right of every six you will be harmed in the future by the men who have given me permission or other men who have healed that it is normal that we may violate one of the six in the street, and the cameras portray us, and we would like it to be innocent!”

And she concluded by saying, “I am a Nowhere, I appeared and wrote that I would like to discuss I have other solutions”, asking the Attorney General to intervene to appeal the ruling.

The novel “Basant” and a question from the mother of the accused

The incident aroused public opinion at the time, and cameras monitored a state of pandemonium in the middle of Port Said Street, according to the videos circulating on the Internet.

A few days after the accident, Basant made an intervention with the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, on the program “Last Word”, in which she recounted the details of the incident, and said: “7 They worked above a circle, and they caught every part of my body, and I did not know I resisted them.”

She added at the time, “I am now terrified and afraid to go to the country, threatening me with death, throwing water from fire on my face. They watch me everywhere under my house and know all my movements. The lawyer made a live video and stabbed my honor, and determined where I was, and this is evidence that they are watching me.” .

Made the board Nationalist The woman reported to the Public Prosecution about the threats she was exposed to in a cent by relatives of those accused of harassing her, and the Women’s Complaints Office continued with the girl to provide advice, support and legal support for her, in addition to providing psychological and social support.

In return, she came a novel The mother of one of the defendants in the case in a different way, and she said in previous statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm that «there are witnesses who saw her son completely far from the accident, and that he was satisfied with watching. He is watching, and when I told him, I told him, “You are wrong,” I didn’t stand in this disappointment. ”

And she continued: “I want one evidence to prove that my son is guilty, if they prove (terrified about him), I will say this is little interest, I am not like that for my daughters, but I do not build something.”

The mother asked: “How did the girl get to know the young men in the prosecution office? They brought the girl 15, and she chose 7 of them, from where you were and did you know how to define them?”

From accusation to acquittal

During the investigations, the referral order stated that the defendants exposed the victim on the public road, by pursuing her and following her path, and making sexual matters and insinuations by word and deed in order to obtain from her a pleasure of a sexual nature, which is touching her chastity wherever they desired.

On the other hand, “Hani Abada”, the lawyer of the defendants, argued during his pleadings that the crime of indecent assault with its material and moral pillars was absent, the record of evidence collection, the investigation report invalid, the victim’s statements invalid, and the plurality of her accounts that contradict the videos that were broken up by the Public Prosecution of the location of the incident, which proved that he did not touch it None of the accused or harassing her, whether materially or verbally, he also argued that the incident was unreasonable and perceived its occurrence, and the attribution of the Public Prosecution office was invalid.

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