Hassan Moussa resigns from Tanta training


Hassan Moussa, Tantas coach, resigned from coaching the team today, after the first-team players refused to participate in group training due to their late financial dues for nearly 5 months.

Hassan Moussa took over the technical leadership of the sons of Al-Sayed Al-Badawi since 6 matches, during which he succeeded in pulling the team out of the last place and achieving three wins and two draws, and suffered one defeat outside the stadium in front of the arsenal and succeeded in getting 11 points, to occupy the fourteenth place with 18 points.

Tanta is expected to meet next Friday with Petrojet in the second section of the second group, Cairo and Al-Qanat.

Today, Marran witnessed to Tanta the refusal of the team’s players to participate in group training today, due to the lack of payment of financial dues, and they informed club officials not to return to the residence hotel after carrying their bags and leaving the club except in the case of receiving 40% of their dues.

Tanta officials had received a check yesterday from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and Fayez Oreibi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, had previously promised the players to pay the dues after obtaining the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


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