Hazem Imam on the basket-top crisis: Al-Ahly could have beaten it if he wanted to “reject fanaticism.”


Hazem Imam, the star of Zamalek and the former Egyptian national team, said that the Al-Ahly club could have passed the basketball summit crisis without problems as part of the initiative to reject fanaticism, and the little fox said in his One Two program via On Sport FM: “Of course the Basketball Federation is wrong in the summit crisis because it has not been implemented. Regulations and decisions from the beginning and agreed to attend fans in some matches, then retracted and punished Zamalek for the same reason. ”

Hazem Imam adds: “It is not necessary to go to the Al-Ahly hall, and I stipulate that Bebo leaves the stadium, and Zamalek deals with the established custom and agreed to attend the symbols of Al-Ahly, so it was necessary to reciprocate, and the story goes away from the regulations, especially since the match, whatever its outcome, will not affect the historical relationship of the two clubs. .

The little fox continued: “It means that Zamalek will benefit. Al-Ahly is determined to eat and Al-Ahly does not want to win. We allowed the presence of football celebrities in the first summit match. Why is the same scenario being objected to in the Zamalek match?”

Hazem Imam added: “My soul, the Al-Ahly Council, was implementing the initiative to reject fanaticism and open a new page with the current Zamalek Council and pass the crisis and do not get anything in order to show people that there is no need and that the previous council was the one who created crises and that the relationship of the two clubs is fine, especially since things between us are going through it Custom and appreciation between symbols, apart from regulations. ”

The Basketball Association decided to count Al-Ahly’s victory over Zamalek, the match that was canceled yesterday due to the presence of the masses, and it was decided to fine Zamalek 30 thousand pounds and move a match away from its home.

The observer of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match canceled the match after Al-Ahly refused to enter the meeting due to the presence of the masses in the Abdel Rahman Fawzi hall in Mitt Oqba, applying the regulations and the decisions of the Competitions Committee from the beginning of the season, the match hall.

The crisis began when the Al-Ahly and Zamalek players were in the match hall to go through the warm-up process, but the red team players refused to go to the match due to the presence of the fans, despite the game’s decision to hold matches without fans.


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