“He killed and betrayed Omar’s friend.” The full story of the Butcher of Giza, leading to the death sentence


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The Giza Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Emad Attia, today, Wednesday, sentenced to death Gaddafi Farraj Abdel Ati, known in the media as “The Butcher of Giza”, the owner of a stationery store in Faisal district, accused of killing his friend, Engineer Reda Hamida, intentionally and premeditatedly, and buried him.

But what are the details of the case?

The story goes back when the Public Prosecution referred Gaddafi Farraj, known as the “Giza butcher”, to the Criminal Court, accusing him of killing his wife in 4 cases in which Gaddafi was accused of murder in the Al-Haram and Bulaq Al-Dakrour departments in Giza and Al-Muntazah in Alexandria, to punish him for the deliberate killing of 4 they are his wife, two women and a man It was premeditated during the years 2015 and 2017, and hiding their bodies by burying them in cemeteries prepared for that.

After that, the Giza Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Imad Attia, heard the Public Prosecution order to refer the “Giza butcher” to trial, and the Public Prosecution read out the defendant’s referral order, accusing him of killing “Siddiq Al-Omar and his betrayal.”

The prosecution accused “Gaddafi” that, in the course of April 2015, in the Bulaq Dakrour Police Department in Giza, the victim, Rida Muhammad Abd al-Latif Hamidah, was deliberately and premeditated, that the house of intent and thought carefully and determined the investigator’s determination to take his life, so he prepared a plan to wait for his arrival. To a housing unit under his control and he made sure of his presence, choosing the scene of his crime, and he prepared the weapon of his crime, an iron tool, and hid it in preparation, and he claimed to sit with the victim by eating food together, and he was not intending to sit down.

The prosecution added that the defendant brought a weapon in preparation and approached the victim unawares, paying him treacherous blows on his head without stopping or delaying until he realized his paradox of life, and the soul poured into the innocent, speaking of the injuries he suffered in the reports of the anatomical character, which claimed his life. .
And she continued: “The accused did not reside, as he dug the grave of the victim in a room in the place of the crime, and showed him a deliberate burial in it, concealing the features of his crime, and he made machines used in assaulting people, without legal formulation and in other than cases of professional necessity, and used them to kill the victim.”

The victim’s sister

The sister of the victim, engineer Reda Muhammad, said in front of the court: “My heart is burned against my brother.” She added: “The thug was raised with my sisters, I wanted him to take brotherly money and he was killed.” She continued: “This is the one who killed my brother, and he is the first one who met my brother after he came from Overland Egypt, and he met him on Friday after prayer, and from that time my brother disappeared. ”

The victim’s sister demanded a civil compensation of one million pounds, noting that her sister had been in a coma from the moment the body of her brother “Reda” was extracted from the cemetery prepared for him by “Gaddafi” for him, and we discovered the crime 5 years after our brother’s disappearance.

Forensic Medicine

After that, the Giza Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Imad Attia, listened to the statements of the forensic doctor who extracted the corpse of Engineer Reda Mohamed, the victim of the “Giza butcher.”

The forensic doctor said, in front of the court, I moved to the property, the subject of the crime, in Bulaq Dakrur, and by entering the property it was found that there was an apartment on the ground floor on the right side, and in dolofs to it in the presence of the accused, he informed the presence of the body of the deceased, Rida Muhammad, in the left room.

And the doctor added, in the dolphins to the left room, we began to carry out digging operations by workers brought by the prosecution, and about two meters away from the digging operations, a red piece of carpet was found underneath the bones of a male in his fifties, and part of a white T-shirt and pants, and a Samsung phone. And a national number card in the name of Rida Muhammad Abd al-Latif, and the Karniyeh Engineers Syndicate with the same name, and the prosecution ordered the transfer of the body to the Zeinhom morgue for a virtual examination.

And he continued, saying: that in the dowel of the facing room, the prosecution ordered the start of excavation work, and about a meter and a half away its cover was found in a blue and white color and inside it were human bones of a female in the thirties of life, and found with her a “cleavage” and a chain and a gold ring, and the body was transported to Zainhum morgue. ”

The sayings of the first witness

The Giza Criminal Court listened to the statements of the first witness in the case, and the witness in the case said that in 2015, Engineer Reda returned from Saudi Arabia, met with the accused Gaddafi at the airport and drove him to his apartment in the Queen’s area in Faisal, and the defendant deluded the engineer’s family that he had delivered him and then left him.

He added: “I live in the same area and know very well the accused and the victim, and the accused went himself to write the report of absenteeism in the police station, and he sent a message to the brother of Engineer Reda in Saudi Arabia (I am your brother Rida and I was arrested in a demonstration), and in 2017 Gaddafi disappeared and sent me a message ( “I am getting arrested and I don’t know where I am.” At this stage, we discovered that Gaddafi had forged documents and sales contracts for the victim’s properties.

He continued, saying: “In 2019 we found a case number in the name of Engineer Reda (theft report) belonging to the Alexandria Prosecutor’s Office, and at that time we went to make sure and we suspected that the names were similar, and we informed the investigations and the prosecution, and sent grievances to the Attorney General.”

The case has been made

The case documents contained a 36-minute video clip, revealing the defendant’s representation of his crime, and including the accused entering the room on Abnaa Sohag Street in Bulaq Dakrur, confessing to the killing of his wife Fatima Zakaria, and its companion, Reda Abdel Latif Mohamed.

He added: He received his friend, Engineer Reda Abdel Latif, in his apartment, and the accused explained, “There were material problems between us and I said I am sincere to him by putting poison in the pasta and he died, and he had a travel bag in the apartment and put it in it and transported it in an Arabic text, and I wrap it with a tarpaulin and a sheet inside the bag and tie it With the rope and wrap the bag with a sheet from the outside of the bag.

He continued, saying: He told the car driver that he had something with him to take him to the apartment in which he buried him, after he had brought a “coffin” to dig a depth of one meter and 80 centimeters and a meter and a half width, under the bed and buried it standing tall on his head, and poured it into dirt, and made cement on it, and brought a ceramic worker to settle the room”.

Death sentence

This morning, the Giza Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Imad Attia, had sentenced the accused to death by hanging for the premeditated murder of his friend Reda Abdel Latif, and his burial.

The ruling issued is the first against Faraj, the accused in 4 cases of murder, and the verdict reads: The accused Gaddafi Faraj Abd al-Ati came to something that was almost broken by the heavens and the earth was broken up and the mountains fell with the aim of killing the same victim, Rida Muhammad Abd al-Latif, a friend of his life. God has forbidden to kill only the right, and credence to the words of God Almighty: «but reward those who fight Allah and His Messenger, and seek mischief in the land to be killed or crucified, or cut off their hands and feet from opposite or put out of the ground it for them shame in this world and for them in the Hereafter a great punishment» .. [المائدة:33]The court ruled in presence and unanimously to execute the accused with what was attributed to him and to refer him to the competent court.

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