Health: 5 thousand health units and medical centers provide service to receive Corona vaccine


Dr. Khaled Mujahid, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said that Egypt had contracted 40 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine as part of the Kovacs agreement with the International Vaccination Alliance, explaining that the first about a million doses reached Egypt, and the plane landed a few minutes ago out of the 40 million doses to be received in succession. During 2021.

He explained during a telephone interview with the “ninth” program via the Egyptian Channel One, with the media figure Yusef al-Husseini, that the vaccine had obtained emergency use approval from the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Medicines Authority, explaining that the shipments that come in succession, including the shipment that arrived, will be randomly sampled and subject to analysis. In the Egyptian Drug Authority laboratories, before starting to complete the vaccination of medical teams and eligible groups of citizens with chronic diseases and the elderly.

He pointed out that the AstraZeneca vaccine, unlike Sinopharma, the citizen receives the first dose and then the second dose after three months, or about 12 weeks, pointing out that since the launch of the site to register the eligible groups, the vaccination process is continuing and we have not stopped either from Sinopharm payments, and we are waiting to receive other payments, or AstraZeneca payment, and there will be successive payments, which made us increase the number of centers receiving the vaccine instead of 40 centers to 139 centers nationwide and all of them work, whether a center, health unit or hospital, to facilitate the citizen, so that there is no waiting list or a large time between Register and receive the vaccine.

He stated that, within a short time, there will be 5,000 health units and a medical center to provide the service to receive the vaccine or receive citizens to receive the vaccine, which is targeted and will speak, pointing out that we have witnessed in the recent period the demand of citizens to receive the vaccine.

He pointed out that China has given Egypt in two batches 600 thousand batches of the China Sinopharma vaccine, and there is a third batch that may be the same quantity or less as a gift to the Arab Republic of Egypt, and a contract will be made with Sinopharma to buy other than gifts, and there is an ongoing agreement signed with the Chinese company Sinovac for manufacturing. And the Minister of Health received a phone call from the Chinese ambassador to Egypt and thanked China for cooperation and Chinas support for the Arab region in vaccines, and confirmed our urgent need to quickly finish the procedures for purchasing or manufacturing so that we have consecutive shipments and we will not stop and be able to move to all groups of people in the coming period.

He continued: “There is a committee of WHO experts five months ago that inspected the production lines of Vacsera company, praised the efficiency of the production lines, and we asked the Chinese side a committee of experts to inspect the production lines and within a week we have a committee of Chinese experts and thus we can cooperate with the Chinese company Sinovac to start manufacturing. “.

And he added: We followed all paths, whether we get vaccines from countries that have completed clinical trials, not only AstraZeneca and Sinopark, and it is also possible for Johnson and Johnson, pointing out that we have taken all the paths through which the vaccine can be manufactured, the first of which is the agreement with Senovac on the manufacture, and the issue is being discussed. Egyptian industrialization and up to this point, there is no stability in a specific time to start the manufacturing process, and more research is still being done.


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