Health benefits of daily home ventilation … including virus prevention


11:00 AM

Wednesday 31 March 2021

I wrote – Asma Morsi
We know very well that it is necessary for the house to be subject to opening the windows, as good ventilation helps get rid of moisture and the smell of smoking and cooking food, in addition to it controls temperature levels and reduces humidity.
Therefore, it is good to take care of good ventilation, to avoid damaging your home and your health, and to renew the air by opening any windows to allow new air to enter from outside the house.
In the following lines, Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad, a consultant in allergies and immunology, explains the most prominent health benefits of home ventilation:
Prevention of respiratory viruses:
Ventilating the house well helps prevent all respiratory viruses, since the presence of air currents inside the house stimulates the expulsion of these viruses suspended in the air.
Get rid of allergens:
It is considered one of the important things to ventilate the house, as the daily entry of sunlight into the house eliminates the allergens that are parasites and bed mites.
– Vitamin D:
The ventilation associated with sunlight also contributes to the human body containing a lot of vitamin D, which is important to help the body absorb calcium.


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