Health clarifies the method for obtaining the Corona vaccine for those who cannot register online


Dr. Alaa Eid, Head of Preventive Medicine Sector at the Ministry of Health and Population, confirmed that an office has been allocated in the health units and hospitals at the level of all governorates of the Republic to register citizens of the eligible groups who cannot register on the website to obtain Coronavirus vaccine.

Eid told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the steps for citizens to obtain the first and second doses of the emerging corona virus vaccines are carried out through more than one stage, starting with registration on the website Then, the categories that are due during registration on the website are divided into 3 groups in line with internationally recognized priorities, and the citizen chooses the group to which he belongs, as the groups include workers in the medical sector, or the groups most vulnerable to infection from non-workers in the medical sector, who are patients For chronic and elderly people, then an appointment is set for those registered on the site, and they are contacted and directed to the vaccination center in their governorate; To receive the first dose of the vaccine.

Eid added that as soon as the citizen goes to the vaccination center, his data is reviewed through the national ID card, and any medical reports for citizens with chronic diseases are reviewed, in order to obtain informed consent, and then the citizen moves to the waiting areas until his turn is to move to a room. Informed consent, subject to the application of preventive and precautionary measures, and social distancing measures.

He added that after the citizen moves to the informed consent room, which is the second stage in the steps for obtaining the first dose of the vaccine inside the vaccination centers, all his inquiries are answered, and the terms of approval are explained by the medical staff present, and the citizen’s data is reviewed and that all documents are fulfilled. And in the event that the citizen is unable to read and write, he applies a fingerprint in the presence of a neutral witness, and the concerned doctor signs the form, and a copy is given to the citizen to keep it.

The head of the preventive medicine sector explained that the third and final stage in the steps for obtaining the first dose of vaccines is the vaccination room, in which the identity of the citizen is confirmed, and the vaccine is injected on the top of his arm, then the concerned nurse confirms that the citizen has received the first dose on the Ministry’s system. The mechanized health and population of the vaccine, recording its date and determining the date for obtaining the second dose, indicating that there are clinics dedicated to vaccination centers to follow up citizens after receiving vaccinations in the event that any minor or moderate side effects appear, in the interest of the safety and health of citizens, and these steps are also taken During the second visit to the citizen to get the second dose of vaccinations.


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