Her husband hit her, and she committed suicide by eating “the toxic grain pill” in Dakahlia (full story)


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Housewife made in Dakahlia On suicide, today, by taking the “toxic grain pill”, her brother confirmed that she was going through a bad psychological state after her husband hit her a hot leech and caused her to be severely injured in the scalp and scratches on the feet and hands.

Major General Raafat Abdul-Baath received a security director DakahliaNotification from Major General Mustafa Kemal, Director of Investigation DakahliaAccording to reports received by Brigadier General Tariq Abdel-Hadi, head of the police station Mansoura From Talkha Central Hospital, with the arrival of a 28-year-old woman named “Vivi G.A.”, a housewife, and a resident of the village of “Baljai”, the district department suffers from fatigue and constant vomiting, as well as a cut wound on the scalp and scratches on the feet and hands. She arrives at the hospital.

Investigation officers immediately moved to the center Mansoura Headed by Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Tawfiq, Head of the Center’s Investigation, for the location of the incident, and by examining and asking the brother of the deceased, called “Abd al-Hayy. Bad mental health due to disputes between her and her husband and beating her, which led to her injury.

And by asking the deceased’s cousin, called “Nevin C. A », 28 years old, a housewife, and a resident of the same village supported the same content, and added that the deceased told her before her injury that she intended to take the poisonous chemical pill, after her husband beat her and caused the injuries in her.

By codifying the procedures, the Center Investigator was able Mansoura Who caught the husband, called “Ahmed Al. A.M. », 35 years old, a sales representative, and a resident of the same village. Confronted with the statements of the deceased’s brother, he admitted that a verbal altercation took place between them due to marital quarrels, as a result of which he assaulted his wife and caused her injury. And he was not aware that she had taken the poisonous tablet.

The necessary record was issued for the incident, and it was referred to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation.

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