Here the ascetic in isolation and Ahmed Fahmy comments: Love in the time of the Corona (photo) | news


Artist Ahmed Fahmy joked with his wife, the artist here Zahid, who is currently infected with the new Corona virus.

Fahmy posted, through his Instagram account, a selfie she took here, showing him outside the glass wall of the room in which she is isolated from him, and he jokingly wrote “Love in the Time of Coronavirus”.

It is noteworthy that Hana Al Zahid is participating in the drama Ramadan 2021, in the series “The Tiger”, which is co-starring Muhammad Imam. During the events of the series, the daughter of the artist Muhammad Riyad appears, and the series is written by Mohamed Salah Al-Azab and directed by Sherine Adel.

It is currently being shown on the dmc channel the series “Helwa Al-Dunia Sukkar”, which is its first dramatic tournament.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Fahmy launched his own brand a few days ago in cooperation with Tariq Nour Advertising Agency in a new cooperation.

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