His religion sparked controversy and Fayza Kamal was kidnapped from Mounir … Stations in M.’s life


10:46 AM

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

Last year witnessed hot situations in the life of the great theater director Murad Mounir, as he suffered a stroke, and underwent treatment in a hospital, and before his health crisis, he was surprised that his marriage to the late artist Fayza Kamal, became a subject of controversy due to the difference of religion.

With director Murad Mounir celebrating his birthday at his home yesterday evening, we will observe here some features of the biography of the owner of the famous play “The King is the King.”

Murad, who is still undergoing physiotherapy sessions, was born in Port Said governorate, and graduated from the Faculty of Law from Alexandria University, before heading to the theater, and directed 14 plays, among which are Menin I answer people, Si Ali and his follower is a stand, the king of the Shehatin, the king is the king, the smoke, the luli In addition to the movie “It Was Your Love”.

Murad revealed in his recent biographical book entitled “The Gypsy” that he joined the popular resistance with his father after the 1967 defeat, and was arrested more than once because of his political positions, and he spent 5 months between the appeal prison and the castle prison in 1973, and three months in Zagazig prison In 1975, and 40 days at Liman Tora in 1980, which is why he was called the riot.

Last year, the communication sites witnessed a widespread controversy about the incident of Murad’s marriage to the late artist Fayza Kamal, claiming that he was a Christian of religion while she was a Muslim. And I am a Muslim by religion, as I declared my Islam 15 years before our marriage, and I did not enter Islam to marry her. “

Mounir added, “At the beginning of our work in the play” The King is the King, “my relationship with Fayza was not good, and at the beginning the artist Salah al-Saadani spoke to me, and suggested her marriage to the artist Mohamed Mounir, and then I married her in the presence of Saadani and Munir.

Murad Munir recently directed a play entitled “The Sultanate”, starring the singer Hassan Fouad, the artist, “Meet Sweidan”, and the play and poetry of Fawzi Ibrahim, and was filmed for presentation online on the Ministry of Culture’s YouTube channel.


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